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There are many dental educators out there, but very few that can truly impact their audiences! Dr Chris Ho is one of those rare individuals and every time I attend his lectures, I leave totally satisfied with the new knowledge that I acquired. The Advanced Stragetegies on Immediate Implant Placement & Provisionalisation, was executed perfectly throughout the day: from the theory, to the hands-on, to the live patient, and let’s not forget to the yummy lunch at a great restaurant, all were clearly thought out and implemented in the most professional manner! Dr Chris Ho has the gift of being able to explain things in a simple fashion, easy for everyone to understand and therefore immediately integrate our new knowledge into our protocols! I look forward to attending more of Dr Chris Hos future seminars!
— Dr Angie Papas (Attended Advanced Strategies on Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalisation Sep 2018)